Our Services

Since 1972 Erbo Spraytec AG has acquired a strong expertise in granulation, agglomeration, coating and microencapsulation. Erbo Spraytec AG develops and produces highly defined powder products on a large scale for food, feed, cosmetic and technical applications for partners worldwide.

If you have an idea but you don't have the technology for a large-scale production, the POWDER PROFESSIONALS of Erbo Spraytec AG would love to be at your disposal to develop and realise tailor-made Solutions together. Your success is our passion!

Full Service

Erbo Spraytec AG offers a very flexible, customer-tailored service. You choose the service you need.


New processes and products can be developed in a cost-effective way on the two pilot plants with the option of an up-scaling on the production plants. The pilot plants are also available for R&D work of third parties.

Customer Meeting

The project is defined with milestones and targets together with the customers.

R&D Work

Product development by laboratory and pilot trials according to the agreed project plan.

Analytics and Verification

The properties of the prototype products are analysed by different chemical and physical methods on site.

Production & Quality

The production of powder products and granules with encapsulated ingredients requires considerable expertise regarding active ingredients, raw materials and production processes. By combining the active ingredients and different raw materials with the respective processes it is possible to produce encapsulated or coated powder particles with specific properties. Thanks to the wide diversification of the technology an extraordinary variability with regards to active ingredients, raw materials as well as to the end products can be achieved. 

A selection of possible product properties: 


Protection against physical, chemical and mechanical influences


Controlled and target release of active ingredients


Improvement of solubility


Improvement of flowability and dosing of powder products


Reduction of hygroscopicity


Taste and/or odour masking

If you are looking for a specific property for your product – let us know. The POWDER PROFESSIONALS of Erbo Spraytec AG are eager to find a solution for your problem!

Contract Production

We produce your product ideas in large-scale on our production plants. With highly qualified staff, long-term experience and close contact to the raw material suppliers, Erbo Spraytec AG is offering considerable expertise for the development of products and processes to third parties. If you have an idea but you don’t have the technology for a large-scale production, the POWDER PROFESSIONALS of Erbo Spraytec AG would love to be at your disposal to develop and realise tailor-made Solutions together. Our mission: We help our customers to get the required powder product in the right chemical and physical structure.

For quality assurance a well-equipped laboratory is on site, with state of the art laboratory equipment as particle size analyser, laser microscope, GC, etc.

Tailor-made Production

Large-scale Production

Quality Assurance


If requested we can offer our customers a complete service including packaging and logistics for their products.

Our Products

Besides the contract production, we provide a small but exclusive range of our own products:

  • ALIFET – a rumen-protected fat powder for high yielding ruminants
  • ALIFET Omega-3 - a rumen-protected fat powder with essential Omega-3 fatty acids
  • ERBOFAT – fat powder with low content of unsaturated fatty acids for high quality carcass fat in pig production
  • ERBO-Methionin – a rumen-protected DL-Methionine
  • ERBO-Cholin – a rumen-protected Choline Chloride

Please contact us for more information about the products.